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The Cyber Science Lab (CSL) is where dreams are engineered! In CSL you are to build the change you want to see in the world. You would not only have access to first class researchers in the field and will publish in prestigious outlets but with our close ties with the industry you will have the chance to apply your research and resolve real-world challenges. All our researchers are entrepreneurs who made themselves no choice but making the difference! more…

Lab Members

Ali Dehghantanha

Director-Principal Investigator

Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

Principal Investigator

Reza Meimandi Parizi

Principal Investigator

Hadis Karimipour

Principal Investigator

Hamed Haddadpajouh

Research Assistant

Amin Azmoodeh

Research Assistant

Sanaz Nakhodchi

Research Assistant


Mudit Pandya

Mohd.Najwadi Yusoff

Paul Taylor

Milda Petraityte

Nicholas Yee-Yang Teing

Dennis Kiwia

Bernard C. Ogazi-Onyemaechi

Mohammad Shariati

Farhood Norouzizadeh Dezfouli

Mohsen Damshenas

Jim Baldwin