A Bibliometric Analysis of Authentication and Access Control in IoT Devices



In order to be considered secure, the devices which make up the Internet of Things (IoT) need access control and authentication methods which are resilient against a wide range of attacks. This paper provides a bibliometric analysis of available academic research papers in this area from 2008 to 2017. We used a dataset of 906 academic papers and analysed the most productive countries, journals, authors and research institutions, as well as looking at the most common research areas, keywords and the most highly cited articles. We then looked at the trends in each country’s production finding that overall production is increasing as well as the number of countries contributing. We found that the countries of India, South Korea and USA are rising in their proportional contribution to the dataset whereas the established leader in production, China, is decreasing in dominance. Trends in keyword use showed that the proportion of research relating to Wireless Sensor Networks and RFID technology is decreasing, while the proportion of research into the area of IoT privacy is growing.