A Closer Look at Syncany Windows and Ubuntu Clients’ Residual Artefacts


In this paper, we seek to determine the residual artefacts of forensic value on Windows and Ubuntu client machines of using Syncany private cloud storage service. We demonstrate the types and the locations of the artefacts that can be forensically recovered (e.g. artefacts associated with the installation, uninstallation, log-in, log-off, and file synchronisation actions). Findings from this research contribute to an in-depth understanding of cloud-enabled big data storage forensics related to the collection of big data artefacts from a private cloud storage service, which have real-world implications and impacts (e.g. in criminal investigations and civil litigations). Echoing the observations of Ab Rahman et al. (2006), we reiterated the importance of forensic-by-design in future cloud-enabled big data storage solutions.