The Cyber Science Lab (CSL) is a research lab focused on advancing knowledge and practice in security and privacy of machine learning systems to build trustable ML agents for a variety of threat hunting, threat attribution and digital forensics tasks. CSL’s researchers are working on different  ML security and privacy challenges including wide-range of poisoning and evasion attacks in the adversarial setting, defensive mechanism, approaches to hardening  ML and methods to preserve differential privacy.

Furthermore, CSL’s researchers are working on novel ML-based approaches to apply on security and digital forensic domains. A variety of R&D researches and projects have been conducted to protect infrastructures, Internet of Things (IoT) networks, Industrial Control System (ICS) devices and endpoint nodes as well as detecting cyberattacks and malicious activities using state-of-the-art ML techniques. In addition, CSL’s team have been working on AI-based method to propose accurate, swift and intelligent methods for digital forensic investigation.