Bibliometric Analysis on the Rise of Cloud Security


Cloud storage systems are becoming a gold mine for cyber attackers as they storage a lot of private and confidential information. Therefore, a lot of research is directed toward securing cloud platforms. Majority of cloud security related research or studies are emphasising on looking into prevention, detection, and mitigation methods against the threat in cloud computing. Although there are many research studies in this area, there are still no evidence of any bibliometric analysis on the cloud security context. This paper provides a bibliometric analysis of research development in cloud security from 2010 to 2018. A dataset of 656 academic papers are used for analysis in term of most productive countries, institutions, journals, authors, research areas, keywords, and also highly cited articles. We found that countries of China, India and United States are the top contributor of the findings. Trends in number of publication in the area of cloud security increases and the number of related keywords increases as well.