The Cyber Science Lab (CSL) is where dreams are engineered! In CSL you are to build the change you want to see in the world. You would not only have access to first class researchers in the field and will publish in prestigious outlets but with our close ties with the industry you will have the chance to apply your research and resolve real-world challenges. All our researchers are entrepreneurs who made themselves no choice but making the difference! The three pillars of our working philosophy are: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose as best explained in Dan Panik video. We strive to build a Results Only Working Environment (ROWE) and to nutrition research and practice. We are not the fan of posting our open positions (unless we must), but we are (very) good in building positions for talented people! Majority of our positions are offered directly to those worked with us (or are created for them to join us)! So, if you share the same values and same interests (check our Publications and Projects), we love to hear from you regardless of your nationality, religion, gender, whatsoever! After all, Canada is the land of opportunity for everyone! Although we do NOT believe in enticing people with a sweeter carrot - as we only look for those with intrinsic motivation to make difference – if you receive an offer with funding from us, the University of Guelph would appreciate the opportunity to consider matching competing offers from other institutions, so we still offer sweeter carrots! Following is the normal approach to join us:
  • First, email us your short C.V and explain why do you want to join us!
  • We will contact you to discuss the possibility of conducting a short joint research project (2-4 month). These projects can be done remotely and the main purpose is to make sure we share same interests and are able to work with each other!
  • If we feel that we are a good match, we move on with finding/building a position for you.
We normally offer following positions:
  • Post-doctoral/fellowship positions: Usually 1-2 year, funded from our own projects or we work with the post-doc applicant to secure a funding. You need to have strong evindece of research track (i.e. having a number of publications in SCI Q1 journals) or experience of building successful startup companies relevant to one or more of our research areas.
  • Ph.D and Master (by research) positions: Usually 1-3 year, funded from our own projects or by a third party (i.e. the applicant sponsor). Please note you need to meet UoG English Requirements and should have CGPA of 80% or more in your last two years of study (see: International Credential Evaluations if your previous degree is not in Canada)
  • Visiting fellows and Ph.D sabbatical positions: usually 6 months to 1 year; co-funded from our projects.
We are always keen to establish remote research collaboration with serious researchers. We love to work with teams from all around the globe and establish long-lasting student exchange and a network of excellence programs.