Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Malware Dataset

This dataset consists of 1200 APT malware samples that belong to five different APT groups namely APT1, APT3, APT28, APT33, and APT37. The collected dataset includes some other attack campaigns which classified as these major groups. Afterward, we ran the samples in our customized Cuckoo Sandbox to collect multiple static and dynamic views of each sample. We utilized Cuckoo version 2.0.61 as the base Sandbox to generate dynamic malware views. Since Cuckoo did not originally provide our proposed method’s raw views, namely Header, Opcode, Bytecode and Systemcall.

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title={Mvfcc: A multi-view fuzzy consensus clustering model for malware threat attribution},
author={Haddadpajouh, Hamed and Azmoodeh, Amin and Dehghantanha, Ali and Parizi, Reza M},
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